In response to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 22 February 2022, IOM Romania launched the Ukraine Response, under which it coordinates and cooperates closely with stakeholders and partners, including UN agencies, civil society, central government, and local authorities.

IOM Romania provides humanitarian assistance and inclusion programming for people displaced from Ukraine. To do this, IOM Romania organises safe and orderly movements; delivers capacity building to organisations, authorities, and frontline responders in key areas; ensures access to information and counselling; provides screening for vulnerabilities; distributes non-food items (NFIs) and hygiene products; provides medical, health and psychosocial support (MHPSS); as well as facilitating and organising educational and socio-relational activities, as well as teaching Romanian as a foreign language.


IOM Romania Two Year Report Two Year Report


Download the Two Year report here

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IOM Romania Presence

· Bucharest: Main office, RomExpo, and Ukraine Information Center.

· Timisoara office (including the Emergency Transit Center)

· Brasov office

· Cluj-Napoca office (covering also Maramures, Tg Mures, Bistrita Nasăud, Sibiu counties)

Implementing Partners (IP):

· Schottener Foundation Social Services

· AIDRom – Inter-Church AID Department Romania

· Global Help Association – Craiova

· The Civic Resource Center – Constanța

· Filantropia Association Oradea

· Jobs4Ukraine

· Bucharest Municipality

· Cluj–Napoca Municipality



The Sentinel network currently consists of Ukrainian-English/Romanian speakers that are able to provide interpreting services, as well as convey relevant information to Ukrainians and other third-country nationals (TCNs) fleeing the conflict in key locations throughout Romania, including border crossing points (BCPs), transit and reception centers, and other key locations.

They may also avail interpretation and cultural mediation for both Ukrainian and TCNs in the course of registration, residency, and related application processes.

All persons that are part of the Sentinel network are trained by IOM staff in areas such as: protection; PSEA; safe referrals; and the legal framework applicable to conflict affected-population.




· Information and counselling

· Housing/shelter

· Protection

· Mental Health and Psycho-social Support

· Health assistance

· Cash based interventions (CBI)

· Non-food items (NFIs)

· Education/Language

· Employment/Access to labour market

· Socio-cultural activities

· Transport


Information - Being informed is a crucial part of you being safe and comfortable. IOM provides current information and options regarding your stay in Romania. This is available at our premises or through mobile teams that may travel in several cities across Romania.

Counselling - Our counsellors work with you on an individual basis taking into consideration, your specific needs and circumstances. They support you in assessing available options, services and assistance for you.

Housing & Shelter -  With partners, IOM is providing safe, private and accessible accommodation to individuals and families who fled Ukraine.

Protection - We take any protection concerns you hold, have experienced or may be experiencing seriously. IOM’s protection specialists operate with utmost sensitivity, care and confidentiality. IOM can support you with protection and tailored assistance to suit your needs, including but not limited to situations of trafficking in persons, gender- based violence, child protection, abuse, and/or exploitation.  Humanitarian crisis can heighten the vulnerabilities of individuals impacted by instability and displacement.

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) - Access to support for mental health and psychosocial wellbeing are offered by IOM. We provide individual and group counselling, as well as a variety of activities to support you.

Health assistance - The IOM medical team place any medical needs you may have at the heart of assistance provided, alongside addressing any specific health concerns and providing diagnostic assistance. IOM’s health assistance, includes medical evaluations, recommendations, prescriptions for medication, and referrals to specialists.

Cash Based Intervention (CBI) -  if you are in need of cash, you may receive cash through our CBI activities. The support is provided based on an assessment realized by our counselors.

Non Food Items (NFI)  - if you require material support, you can receive non-food items, for a limited period of time to meet your basic needs in a dignified manner.

Language courses -  Language plays an important role in feeling confident in the host community. IOM organises free Romanian language courses, through interactive in-person courses in small groups with specialised teachers .

Employment/Access to labour market - Our counsellors and partners work provide guidance and information about accessing the labour market, as well as on protection information regarding rights and obligations as an employee.

Socio-cultural activities - Starting a new chapter in life can often be challenging. Socio-cultural activities are designed to support you  in feeling comfortable in your new environment. IOM Romania offers a wide range of recreational activities that will support you in meeting other people, visit different places around the city, interact with other cultures and learn more about Romania.

Transport - IOM is providing ground transportation for people fleeing Ukraine, from the Ukrainian border with Moldova to Romania. IOM may also support with transportation within Romania for persons moving into another city.  



Head Office: 11 Viitorului Street, Sector 2, Bucharest

Ukraine Information Centre: 25 Strada Ialomiciorei, Sector 1, Bucharest



IOM Romania Ukraine Response