Ukraine Response: 18 Month Report

Ukraine Response: 18 Month Report

24 August 2023 marked 18 months since the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine. The war in Ukraine has seriously affected people’s access to crucial services including water, electricity, heating, health care, education, and social protection, disproportionately impacting the lives of people who live in inaccessible and hard-to-reach areas. The war has also taken a toll on the most vulnerable, particularly those in the war-stricken areas, displaced people, elderly people, women, and children, and those living in poverty.

As one of the neighbouring countries, Romania was the first country that millions of Ukrainians fled to. As of July 2023, over 5.5 million people entered Romania, and over 138,000 of these had received Temporary Protection.

IOM Romania has continued its Ukraine Response work non-stop since February 2022, and to date has assisted over 20,000 individuals with humanitarian movements/transport, over 18,300 people with health assistance, and more than 500,000 people with protection services and information.

IOM Romania's Ukraine Response 18 Month Report is now available.

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