Information seminar on the STARRT I programme, in Brasov

Information seminar on the STARRT I programme, in Brasov

On 8 June 2017, the International Organization for Migration, the Mission in Romania (IOM Romania) and the Schottener Social Services Foundation organized in Brasov an information seminar on the local integration process of refugees relocated under the project "STARRT I - Transfer and Assistance Services for Refugees Resettled from Turkey" funded by the National Program - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (FAMI 16.05.01). The event was organized with the support of the Center for Migrants and took place at the Kronwell Hotel.

The seminar was aimed at providing local institutions with a stronger understanding of the existing legal framework for resettlement and migration, the role of local public authorities in facilitating the integration process, but also the cultural background, the values ​​and experiences of refugees as well as their expectations from the host community.

The event was attended by 23 people, representatives of the County School Inspectorate, the Agency for Payments and Social Inspection, the County Agency for Employment, the County Health Insurance Agency, the General Department for Social Assistance and Child Procreation, Transylvania University, Brasov, the teacher who teaches the Romanian language in the Integration Program. One third of the participants were representatives of civil society, as well as refugees and migrants from Brasov.

The seminar was opened with a brief presentation of the organizers and participants and an introduction on the service attributions in the sphere of refugee integration. Thus, each participant connected to the topic of the seminar and learned about the legal and real, practical competences of those present, as well as the purpose of the stay of the present migrants. A brief introduction was then made on the role of the IOM and the Schottener Social Services Foundation. Some of the participants were aware of the IOM mission and projects, being encouraged by the organizers to provide information about their involvement in other events or similar actions. A brief briefing of the participants on the role of the main national institutions and international organizations involved in the integration process, namely the General Inspectorate for Immigration  (GII) and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, was also carried out.

In this context, the legal framework for the resettlement of refugees was presented in the context of European and national asylum policies. Specifically, the situation of people in need of international protection at global level and UNHCR’s priorities in the field, the EU and Romanian common priorities, the legal relocation framework, the resettlement quota established through government decisions, the selection criteria and the selection procedure.