IOM Romania implemented the project  “Tandem with NGOs to support victims of trafficking in human beings (VoT) – TaNGO”. The project was implemented between October 2017 - August 2019 within the framework of the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme to Reduce Economic and Social Disparities within the Enlarged European Union.


  • Association for the Development of Alternative Practices for Education and Reintegration (ADPARE), Bucharest;
  • Micu Bogdan Foundation (FMB), Brasov;
  • People to People (P2P) Foundation, Oradea.


  • The project provided protection and direct victim-centered and needs-based assistance to 124 victims of trafficking. The assistance programme has empowered the victims to act independently and self-confidently within their communities. The assistance included protection, medical and psychological care, temporary housing, child care, income-generating activities, legal assistance, job trainings, job placement, and other re/integration support as required on a case-by-case basis;
  • After the initial stages in the reintegration process, most of the beneficiaries understood the importance of re-enrolling in school or in qualification courses (manicure/pedicure, nurses' courses, cabin-crew courses) or used their financial support to buy tools for agricultural work, carpentry or make-up businesses. 
  • None of the VoTs included in the programme ws re-trafficked, which is a majour achivement due to the assistance model put in place.
  • As to the National and Transnational Referral Mechanisms, the number of referrals exceded the initial target due to a functional referral mechanism that has been further improved during the project implementation period.
  • Two national workshops were organised and carried out in 2017 and 2019, involving in total 60 participants, including police frontlive officers and other stakeholders;

Project co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss-Contribution to the enlarged European Union. 

For more information about the Swiss - Romanian Cooperation Programme, please check the following websites:

You can download the English version of the project presentation leaflet here.