LINK-IT an innovative project aimed at delivering better integration outcomes for Syrian refugees resettled from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to Germany, Portugal, Romania and the United Kingdom. The project focuses on strengthening the link between pre-departure and post-arrival integration support for refugees.

The EU-funded project piloted a skills profiling tool in the pre-departure orientation course for Syrian refugees living in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey who were resettled to the four EU countries. The tool aims at helping authorities in the receiving countries get advance information about the refugees’ background, education and skills to support their integration into the labour market at the earliest stage.

Skills Profiling Report – 2019

The report presents and analyses the profile of 1,018 Syrian refugees resettled to Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Data was collected through the Skills Profiling Tool adapted from the EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals as part of the LINK IT project. The Skills Profiling Report can be accessed through the following link.


  • International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC)
  • British Refugee Council (RC)
  • Asociatia Serviciul Iezuitilor Pentru Refugiatii Din Romania (JRS Romania)
  • Caritasverband Fur Die Diozese Hildesheim E.V (Caritas Friedland)
  • Conselho Portugues Para Os Refugiados CPR (CPR)

For more information, watch the IOM LINK IT video.