Information for Third Country Nationals (TCNs) entering Romania from Ukraine


Undocumented persons (Ukrainian citizens and TCNs): 

  • If a person does not have a valid passport they may apply for asylum in Romania (this can be done at the border or with competent authorities listed under the "seeking asylum in Romania section".)

 Third Country Nationals (TCNs) 

  • If a third country national (TCN) residing in Ukraine holds a passport, they can cross into Romania through the common border points and obtain a transit visa on arrival. They do not need to go a consulate office first.  Currently, TCN arrivals are only being accepted from Ukraine for transit purposes only. They must have a valid travel document and upon arrival at the border point they will get a Romanian transit visa for up to 90 days.
  • If a TCN arrives via Moldova, they need to obtain a visa from one of the consulates of Romania in Moldova and will be provided a visa in a matter of hours (depending on the number of applications being processed). 
  • Russian citizens will not need a visa if they have a residence permit in Ukraine. If coming from the Russian Federation, the Russian citizens will need a visa, but have no additional restrictions apart from the existing visa regime of any non-EU foreign citizen entering Romanian territory. The application shall be made first online, for verifications, on the online portal. The application will only be processed first over the Internet on, in order to get an appointment at the Consular Section. 

Seeking Asylum in Romania: 

At the border crossing point:
An asylum application may be filed by any foreigner who is in Romania or at a border crossing point. 

A person is considered an asylum seeker from the moment they demonstrate their willingness, expressed in writing or orally before the competent authorities, showing that they demand the protection of the Romanian state. 

How to file an asylum application 

  • Asylum applications are submitted personally by foreigners who find themselves in Romania or at a checkpoint for crossing the state border. 
  • If the foreigner is a minor, the asylum application can be submitted by their legal representative from the Directorate of Child Protection. 
  • Minors who have attained the age of 14 can apply for asylum in their own name. 

The following authorities have competency to receive an application for asylum: 

  • The structures of the General Inspectorate for Immigration; 
  • The Border Police structures; 
  • Police units with centres for custody and provisional detention; 
  • The structures of the National Administration of Penitentiaries functioning within the Ministry of Justice. 

Accommodation in Asylum centers in Romania: 
The territorial competence to receive, register and process the asylum applications belongs to the 6 (six) regional centres for procedures and accommodation for asylum seekers (RCPAAS) under the Asylum and Integration Directorate, respective: 

  • Regional Center for Asylum Seekers Procedures and Accommodation Maramureș (88.3 km from Sighetu Marmației crossing border point)
  • Address: Cetătii street, no. 1A, Somcuta Mare, Maramureș / Phone / Fax: 0262-280004 
  • Regional Center for Procedures and Accommodation for Asylum Seekers - Rădăuți (19 km from Siret crossing border point)
  • Address: Perilor street no 2, Rădăuți, SUCEAVA County / Phone +4 0230–564462, +4 0230-564463 
  • Regional Center for Procedures and Accommodation for Asylum Galati (11.2 km from Giurgulesti crossing border point and 46 km from Isaccea crossing point)
  • Address: Săvinești street, no. 2, Galați / Phone +4 0236-323878 
  • Regional Center for Procedures and Accommodation for Asylum Seekers - Bucharest
  • Address: Vasile Stolnicul Street, no. 15, bl. 13, sector 2, Bucharest / Phone / +4 021-240 87 74 
  • Regional Center for Procedures and Accommodation for Asylum Seekers – Giurgiu
  • Address: 1907 1C Boulevard, Giurgiu / Phone /+4 0246 – 215056 
  • Regional Center for Procedures and Accommodation for Asylum Seekers – Timisoara
  • Address: Andrei Mocioni Street, no. 8-10, Timisoara / Phone /+4 0256-402434 ; +4 0256-402431 ; +40256-402432 

Covid-19 restrictions: 

There is no requirement to undertake or present a certificate of vaccination or valid PCR test to enter Romania from Ukraine. Those arriving in Romania from Ukraine via land are not required to quarantine.  These exemptions are in accordance with the Decision of the National Committee for Emergency Situations no. 9 of 25 February 2022.   

Additional contact details:


  • Romanian Border Police: (+4) 021 9590  non-stop (24h) hotline in Ukrainian, from any national or international network 

Information on crossing the state border, the necessary documents to enter Romania, about the steps to follow in carrying out the formalities for granting asylum or any other details that may help them to arrive safely in Romania. 

  • National Refugee Council (CNRR) hotline legal assistance for obtaining asylum: +40 721 206 926   (This is available 24/7 and operators speak RO, ENG and Ukrainian)
  • National Refugee Council (CNRR) for border matters: +40 730 073 170 
  • Emergency services for emergencies related to children: 119 
  • Emergency Services: 112 
  • Romanian National Anti-Trafficking Helpline: 0 800 800 678/ +40 213 133 100 

It is free on any national network 

Hours of operation: 24 hours a day/7 days a week however after 4,00pm on Monday-Friday/sat/sun/public holidays callers requests are taken over by voicemail and an operator will later contact them where relevant for additional information or details 

Languages:  Romanian and English.  


  • preventive information is provided to callers with the aim of reducing their degree of vulnerability from an information point of view 
  • activities specific to the mechanism for identifying and referring victims of trafficking in human beings to the assistance and protection system are carried out (referrals include to police, prosecutors office, child welfare and protection departments, labour inspectorates etc.).


  • IOM Romania: +40 212 103 050  

Hours of operation: 8.00-19.00 

Languages: ENG, ROMANIAN, Russian and Arabic.  

People can also send a Facebook message which will be answered as soon as possible. 

  • General Inspectorate for Immigration: +40 214 107 513

This is the Romanian Government authority responsible for all migrants. They provide general information, and it is not specific to Ukraine. Languages: The language of contact will be ENG 

Hours of operation: 8.00 - 17.00