'INTERACT Plus – Integrated services for migrants, social and intercultural dialogue (2020 - 2022)' is facilitating integration support to over 3000 migrants and refugees residing in the southern part of Romania through a network of the three Regional Integration Centers active in Bucharest, Craiova and Brasov,

INTERACT Plus has established itself as a valuable intervention in the region, with integrated support reaching an ever-increasing number of vulnerable migrants and refugees. The project facilitated access to medical assistance, administrative support, educational activities, Romanian language and orientation courses, the last two being the most popular among migrants.

The project offered alternative support schemes, relying on networks of volunteers and cultural mediators. Promotion of intercultural interaction and dialogue between migrants, their communities and host communities was done by mentoring offered either by volunteers from the host community or by intercultural mediators. Volunteers supported the organization of educational, socio-cultural and recreational activities for migrants and also assisted them in accessing services from local authorities.

Constantly adapting to migrants needs and changing realities is a stepping stone. To this end, the projects saughts new ways to:

  • Find suitable employment opportunities for beneficiaries that best match their needs and professional profile, especially through an innovative partnership with ARAMT, the largest association of placement companies (Adecco, Lugera, APT Group, Manpower).
  • Include gender as a cross-cutting issue, in various stages of the implementation. The project counselling team has organized seven group counselling session with women only. This opportunity was highly valued by the female beneficiaries as it allowed them to express their views and challenges freely whilst learning essentials about the role of women in the Romanian society.      
  • Inform migrants about the integration support measures available and the integration program in general. Short animation movies are available in 7 languages, that can be viewed here.
  • Support migrants applying for Romanian citizenship and organize courses on history, geography, culture and legislation.

For more information regarding the project, please visit www.romaniaeacasa.ro.

Interact Plus was funded by the National Program – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and is implemented with Schottener Foundation Social Services Bucharest, Global Help Craiova and ARPCPS Brasov.